About sallysparleys

Who is Sally and why should we parley?

Sally is: Sallie Reynolds, author of Virginia Primitive (2014), Belonging (2011), Rapture (2009) amazon.com/author/salliereynolds

She writes books and works with wild birds of prey.

Why should we parley? That’s up to you. I’m initiating this site to talk about how we live with people who are different from us. How we behave on the Great Barrier Reef of racial and ethnic and religious differences that today are threatening to kill us all. And, connected to this, eventually: How we think and learn; how and why we make art out of life; what responsibilities we have to our subjects. “. . .[E]xplorations of illusions, hallucinations, errors in judgment”  (Marguerite Young, describing her novel Miss MacIntosh My Darling)

Who are you? Go to Comments and start there – tell me what you would like to add to the parley that has attracted you. I’ll offer you space in the blog if we agree that what you talk about fits with any place this blog could be going. 



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